Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bronco's First Night

Around 8:30 I took Bronco for a little walk down to my friend's house to show him off. She has a small white bichon frise (Tucker). They got along pretty well. Tuck was very jealous of all the attention Bronco was getting :)

Well we made it through the first night with just a few disruptions... mostly at bedtime and sunrise. I needed to get up anyways :) I had already decided I wanted to get up early and take him for a 20-30 min walk.

Around 11:30, our neighbor let his dog (Pebbles) out to potty. Pebbles barks at the wind so he was really upset to see a new neighbor. Bronco didn't seem to mind at first but then I guess it got to him and he barked a little.

Around 5 he woke up and so did I. He whined a little and then stopped. I got to sleep unitl 10 till 6. He whined a little more. So I got up and got ready. We walked for about 25 minutes. I had decided I was going to make one more small loop around the block when we were approaching our house. Instead, he turned into the driveway. He knew exactly where we were going.

He is such a sweet, calm dog! He hasn't jumped on me and he walks soooo well on a leash! He never tries to get ahead. He prefers my left side... weird. He didn't even startle when we walked by some unruly dogs down the street. He's gonna be a great dog!

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