Monday, April 19, 2010

A Case of the Monday's

A patient's communication device was somehow reset to the factory default settings.  I asked his "caregivers" and teacher when was the last time it worked properly.  Their response? I didn't know it wasn't working.  Seriously?! His teacher said that the school therapist worked with him on Tuesday and didn't say anything was wrong.  TUESDAY?!  Keep in mind that the communication device is this child's ONLY means of communication.  There's so much more to this story that I can't even talk about... just know that I am so sick of people lying about stuff!


  1. People stink, Ashley!
    So do they just not expect him to communicate? Do they like it better that way?


    People definitely stink!!!!!!

  2. all i gots is...the daddy on the bus says shut yo mouf....

  3. Christy - yes... they like it better that way because then he's not a person but another thing to take care... IMO :)

    Rach - YES!!!! thank you!!!

  4. That makes me sick. Gives me flashbacks to my sweet babies & how DHR & birth families treated them!!!!! Just like Kaileigh - DHR treated her as if she were an "it", a monster practically. Maybe **I** should not comment anymore! :)

  5. Christy - you are hilarious. yes... I was very fired up about it too... Unfortuately, we have been battling these people for a couple of years now with NO change. The first time we turned on his machine it said. My name is ____ and I am 13 years old.... He was actually 17.


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