Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Comcast...

Since your program to "email Rick" feedback about your customer service experience keeps telling me that I didn't enter a description even though I did, I thought I would just blog about your poor customer service in the hopes that lots of people will read it and reconsider using you for their cable.

I have a few issues...
1. the initial service technician who installed the box arrived at 6:30 when the appointment range was from 2 - 5. I was not made aware that he would be 1.5 hours late until 4:55. I work full time... waiting 4.5 hours for someone is not convenient for my schedule and caused me to lose hours of work time.

2. Once the box was installed, he made sure that channel 2 worked and then left. Several of our HD channels give a ref code of S0a00 with the message, "one moment please, this channel should be available shortly".

3. I called the next day and reported the issue. I made an appointment for a Saturday from 2-5 (the only day I could work my schedule around yours). I waited and waited. No call. No show. I called the service number and was told that my appointment for Wednesday had been missed and we had been given a credit to our account for the missed appointment. We never made an appointment for Wednesday as I work from 8 - 5 Monday through Friday. The customer service representative said that we could take the box to our local comcast location.

4. My husband took the box to the store this morning and described the problem. The rather rude employee plugged in the box and turned it to 1 standard def channel. She said that our box was fine and said she would set up another service appointment for today (since my husband would be home).

5. My husband works nights (7 pm - 7 am) and sleeps during the day. He expected to be called prior to the service tech's visit. There were no missed calls or messages on either of our phones but there was a note on our door that a tech had been to our house and couldn't reach us.

6. I have now spent over 1 hour on hold with your company trying to straighten this out and have been re-routed multiple times... sometimes to numbers that just abruptly disconnect... causing me to go through the hold process once again just to be re-routed again. I am finally speaking to an agent that seems competent and helpful. Her name is Lydia. I am now setting up yet another appointment to have this issue fixed. If the issue is not resolved, we will not continue our business with your company and will recommend that our friends and family also sever their relationship with you as well. I am very unsatisfied with your service. I also expect to have a prorated bill for the time lost on the channels that are unavailable.


  1. I HATE COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seth and I had a HORRIBLE experience with Comcast recently when we moved... especially the local office. I don't have enough space to explain all of it! Local office was very rude and had HUGE lines every time we went in.

    We switched to Directv and have had very good service so far as well as a MUCH better price since we were able to bundle all of our services (AT&T cell phones, unlimited long-distance home phone, tv with as many or more channels as Comcast, and internet which Seth tested to be more consistent than Comcast). We got several big refunds back in the mail as well as a cheaper monthly bill.

    If you decide to switch,let us know. We can get $100 for referring you and I believe you also get $100 for us referring you (if I understood that correctly).

  3. Ashley - I work for Comcast and I decided to drop a note to apologize for the poor experience. I definitely need to look into this to make sure that the issues you mentioned are addressed. If you are interested in my help, please contact me (email below) include the phone number on the account and a link to this page.

    Debra - I also apologize for the trouble. Do you have the address of the local office you visited?

    Thanks to all.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  4. Wow that sounds almost identical to my experience with Charter a few weeks ago. After three no show appointments and multiple hours on the phone I have realized that while the techs should be able to show up during their 4 hour slot not 2 hours late, most of the no shows that I blame on the techs are actually a result of the phone people who cannot type into the computer the time that you request. I had three appointments that were entered incorrectly. Of course it was my fault not theirs. Next time I am going to tell them that "this phone call will be recorded for quality purposes." They also told us to take the box to our local Charter office. The only thing is Charter does not have a local office. What they call "local" is actually 45 minutes away! We are seriously considering satellite!

  5. UPDATE>>>

    The tech came out this afternoon and switched out the box.. just like the phone rep said the local office should have done yesterday. Fantastic signal and now the issue is resolved :)


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