About Me...

As of June 2011...

Location: Alabama
Our Home : They accepted the offer on 1/23/11!! We moved in May 1, 2011!!
Ages: He is 29, I am 28
How We Met: High School... He says that I helped him carry a table from one class to another and I told him he was strong. I don't remember that.  I feel like I've just always known him. We started dating our senior year.  We both knew we wanted to go different directions after high school [me - college, him - navy].  We said all along that we would rather break up than do long distance.  It's 11 years later and we made it through!
Years Together: 11 (October 2, 1999)
Married: 6 years (November 27, 2004)
Careers & Education:
Dustin spent 4 fantastic years in the Navy. There, he was trained to be an Avionics Technician.  He loved every minute of it.  After he decided not to re-enlist, he put his GI Bill to good use and finished with an Associates in Electronic Engineering.  He's been out of school for about a year and a half and had a terrible time finding a job.  The economy has been horrible [as I'm sure you know].  He is currently working at Goodyear in a very physically demanding job but would really like a more mentally challenging job.

Ashley: I attended the University of Alabama, where I finished with a Master's in Speech-Pathology.  I work in an acute care and outpatient treatment setting.  I love almost every minute of it!
Pets: We are the proud parents of a Great Pyrenees "puppy". Bronco is 2 years old and weighs 125lbs.
Fight Most About: Attitudes
Worry: future and money
Fantasy Buy: Dustin: Comic Book Store Ashley: all the baby stuff
Interests & Hobbies: Dustin: comic books, xbox, ps3, wii, sci-fi movies & books, playing with Bronco.  Ashley: couponing, blogging, knitting, playing with Bronco, hanging out with friends, growing a baby - Due August 2nd!
Anniversary Gift: Our anniversary falls the weekend of Thanksgiving.  We try to get out of town and do something new every year.  For our 5th, we went back to Tuscaloosa to relive some glory years.  It was a blast!
On Weeknights: We eat dinner in front of the TV most nights. Our favorite shows to watch together are: How I Met Your Mother & Dexter. We both seem to be going in separate directions a lot, but that really seems to make the time we do spend together even more precious.
Spend the Weekends: Sleeping in, cooking breakfast, random shopping trips out of town.

(I modeled [ok pretty much copied with our details] this section from Kevin & Amanda's Blog)