Friday, February 19, 2010

Wow.. what a crappy day!

I rarely have crappy Fridays but this one was mostly HORRIBLE!

  • A disability eval's grandfather screamed and yelled because I didn't want the guardian in the the treatment room during the eval.
    • Why not? 
    • 1. Most disability evals we encounter just want a check and want their kid to be disabled so that they can continue to get more & more money... even if it was because they smoked crack while they were pregnant... we (taxpayers) still get to pay for their pitiful kids. (the kids usually are pitiful but the parents are usually mean and it makes me not feel compassionate toward them!)
    • 2. Most parents refuse to shut up!  I am giving a STANDARDIZED test here!  You can't rephrase the question to get a certain answer!!!  The kid has to answer the question being asked or it is wrong.
    • 3. Most kids act like a big whiny baby when momma's around.  They may not love being in the treatment room at first but give me a minute and let me do what I do and they'll warm up. And honestly, I can't take much whining.
    • PS... I ended up having to let the grandmother in b/c the kid wouldn't warm up and then they tell me that yesterday he had a bladder test done and was held down to be catheterized!  The poor thing was probably scared out of his little gourd!
  • FULL schedule - yes, I know... job security!  But OMG, I couldn't get anything done that I needed to do.  For every patient, there is paperwork and not all of it can be done with the patient sitting there trying to eat the playdoh.
  • My friend is not preggers this month.
Enough with the negatives and thanks for letting me vent

Great things about today...
  • Friday by nature
  • An autistic child that I see cracked me up.  Instead of saying "please give me that back", he screams so loudly that it peels the wallpaper up, to which I usually calmly reply, "no screaming".  Today, I took a playdoh can away because he was trying to open it with his teeth. He screamed. I looked at him silently. He looked down sheepishly and quietly said, "no screaming."
  • A friend that does home health called with a great story... Pt's granddaughter and her boyfriend bumped uglies in the next room as his treatment was going on!
  • Paint The Town is always great
  • I put a roast in the oven at lunch and had it ready by dinner.  It was delicious!
  • The crackheads across the street moved all their crap out of the yard in the middle of the night.
  • It's my dad's birthday!


  1. I say quite often, that if I didn't have to deal with parents, my job would be a lot easier. :)
    And thanks for my award! You are right, I do need to blog more.


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