Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is what i came home to at lunch.... 
[disclaimer: This is the house across the street]

These people have been a "menace" to our neighborhood for a very long time and they've finally been evicted!  D said there were 2 sheriff cars and the U-haul there this morning.  To my knowledge, they still have not loaded anything into the U-haul... just left it out on the street.


  1. Yay???? Maybe.....

    What school district is that? lol

  2. lol.. city of course.

    a. it's probably too small
    b. it's probably the most disgusting thing on the inside ever
    c. there's probably drugs hidden in the walls..

    did i mention that i think they are sleeping in the uhaul tonight??

  3. Oh, I didn't mean for me. Even though I gripe about my apartment complex sometimes, I really LOVE my neighbors & LOVE my cheap rent!!!! lol


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