Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prayer Answered...

Peace was the topic tonight.  One thing (of many!) that struck a cord with me was to ask God for hidden faults to be revealed so that I do not block or hinder the Holy Spirit's power over my life and the peace that I can experience only through God.

This was my prayer tonight...
and boy was it answered! When I got home, I told D about what I had learned about peace.  If you've read my blog for the last couple of days, you know that we have been a little rocky lately.  Don't worry about us...  we've been in much worse places than this time in our lives together.  Without knowing what I had prayed, D was able to reveal to me that I frequently (ok, he said always) "withhold reconciliation" and make it difficult to resolve conflict.  I honestly didn't realize it.  I think I took it very well and apologized, which he quickly forgave :)  

I'm excited about what else God has to show me!!

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