Monday, September 7, 2009

busy weekend

My BIL (Jonathan) has been in town this weekend from TX... so lots of dinners and such were planned.
Friday night I went to paint the town of course.. very small and quiet class and then met up with some friends afterward. Dustin and Jonathan grilled out, spent some long awaited quality time and watched Dexter. I'm so glad they were able to spend that time together!
Saturday, we slept LATE (1130)! ahhh! Man I needed that sleep! We laid around the house until it was time to get ready for the game and dinner over at Pam and Vic's. Had some delicious ribs and other great tailgating foods. I took my niece with me to pick up something from our house. As soon as we got in the car she said, "Aunt Ashley, there's a girl in my gymnastics class that's a Christian and she got baptized!" I said, "That's great! Do you have any questions about it? Do you know what that means?" That's when the questions started! I don't know that I've ever had to share what being a Christian means... especially to a child - even if she is a very smart child! I immediately prayed for God to lead me and my words to plant the right seeds. I know that he did. She was very receptive and seemed to understand. When we got back to the party, she asked Pam if she could go to church with me the next morning (which was not already in the plans). She was sooooo upset when she told her that she had to meet her parents at 12 (30 minutes away). We worked it out with her parents and she was able to come with me. No decisions made but I love that she felt so strongly about coming and I know she's being worked on!
Sunday... went to church then took the kids to their parents then some shopping at Target and such until dinner at Pam and Vic's again - delicious!
Monday... worked 2 PRN jobs then dinner at catfish cabin with Pam, Vic, Jonathan, and Dustin. Now just laying around in PJs watching Dexter and about to hit the sack.

Things I'm looking forward to...
CAN'T wait for the beach in a couple of weeks!!
Starting a new study at church on Wednesday - Esther - It's Tough Being a Woman
Getting my PRN checks to have some spending money at the beach

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