Sunday, May 16, 2010

working for the weekend...

Whew what a long week... I'm so glad for the weekend!

Friday night: Paint The Town - Little Birds

Saturday - 
Got up earlier than I get up on a work day planned (6:30) because D left for work and I couldn't go back to sleep. I straightened and kinda cleaned the absolutely filthy house, then took Bronco to the vet to get weighed so we could get his heartguard and comfortis. After taking one of the vet techs for a ride (literally), upsetting all the cats, and sniffing every square inch of the place, we finally got him on the scale - 108 lbs. $190 later, we were on our way to chick fil a for some chicken minis (for me).  The poor girl in the drive through almost had a heart attack at the sight of sweet Bronco.

I worked at Healthsouth for awhile and after D got off work, we went to dinner at Top O the River and then to see Iron Man 2. Mom called me right before the movie started and asked if I could spend the night at the hospital with Da. After the movie I headed out to the hospital.  Da was restless and very very talkative... even after his ambien. He was asleep but not and talking out of his head....

"You sure are riding that bicycle good."
(I had no response for this one)

Da: "Is Jim (my dad) still here?"
Me: "No, he left a couple of hours ago."
Da: "Oh yea... he's sleeping in the lobby."
Me: "oook"

Da: "You going back to work now?"
Me: "No sir, It's midnight... just go back to sleep"

"Did that thing around my neck bust?" (took me awhile to figure out he was talking about the breathing treatment medicine thingy)

Da to me while standing at the sink... "You sleeping good baby?"

At least he's kinda sweet about it. 

Sunday Morning - 
Da was pretty restless until about 4am. I slept when he slept so I decided not to go to church.

It was pretty entertaining to watch him try to position his reading glasses just right on top of that mask. Thank goodness he only has to wear it for his breathing treatments (every 4 hours) or he would drive me bananas!  He's constantly pulling/tugging/re-adjusting/messing with it.

Dad came back to relieve me after sunday school.

The rest of the day was spent being lazy, taking accidental naps, listening to the rain and spending some quality time with D before he starts this crazy night shift business.  


  1. I just love you! Cute painting!!...You are so artistic! Glad you got to spend some time with D... and your Da's comments are hilarious! Let's chat soon.

  2. I just deleted my comment. Duh...
    I am NOW caught up on your blog (I had gotten behind with this hysterectomy thing). I hope Da is doing well. He reminds me of Moma. They can be such pains in the butt at times but what a blessing in the long run! Hang in there girl!


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