Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Wednesday...

already?  This week has flown by to me so far!

D started training at Goodyear Monday morning and has had some good stories everyday.  So far he is enjoying it. He got his schedule.. night shifts - Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (week one)..... Wednesday, Thursday (week two).... then repeat.

Work has been busy busy busy. Job security... I know! I am thankful for it bug gees I'm tired.  I've also finally resigned to the fact that I have allergies and have started taking zyrtec [ok... CVS had a sale and I had a coupon and got ECB's].  It seems to be working well so far but I might have waited too long to start taking it because now I kind of feel like I have a sinus infection.

Da is back in the hospital with COPD exacerbation.  Even with constant re-assurance, he worries that we will send him to a nursing home [his worst nightmare]. It drives me absolutely crazy that he has no concept of energy conservation. Examples... 1. For reasons unknown, he jumps out of the chair and nearly runs across the room where he encounters 3 steps and clings to the wall like a spider monkey.  Then he has no breath left to get him down the hall to his room.  2. He can't breathe but insists on reading aloud to himself and commenting/exclaiming every chance he gets about whatever he sees/reads/tastes/hears...

It's hard to see Da like this though. He's scared, nervous, weak, and a little confused at times.

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