Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Nevers...

I catch myself saying "I will never....." a lot.  It's very easy to think that I have the perfect plan and way to do things... until I actually have to do them.  I had lots of nevers before I got married.
  • I will never move back to Gadsden (moved in July 07)
  • I will never move back in with my parents (happened July 07)
  • I will never work more than my husband (lol)
  • I will never forget/lose touch with my high school friends (Bahahaha!)
You get the picture :)

Now I have caught myself having tons of nevers for when I become a mom.... one day.  I want to go ahead and record them so that we can all have a good laugh somewhere down the road while I eat my words.

I will never...
  • leave my child alone in a waiting room (especially if he's autistic and under 10 years old) - yes this actually happened yesterday.
  • let my child tell me what I will or won't do ("we can't come to therapy today because my 3 year old won't leave the house")
  • do my child's homework for them (clarification... I will help but I will not do it for them)
that's my list so far... i'm sure there will be more soon but it escapes me right now.

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