Friday, March 5, 2010

Day off...

As of Wednesday the funeral for chuck was set for Friday so I moved all my patients and took the day off. Thursday afternoon, D tells me the funeral is on Saturday because of the transportation of the body. Looks like I have a day off.

I got up, ate breakfast, went to the gym, tanned, ate lunch with about 20 relatives from the Morgan side, helped pick out flowers for the funeral, came home and accidently took a nap, hung out at paint the  town for awhile & now I'm finally back in bed with my blanket turned on high!

D doesn't seem to be feeling affected by chuck's death so far. He feels sympathy for his aunts and grandmother who all played a big role in his childhood and raising him and his brothers. They are very special people and such a pleasure to be around. You can just feel  their love. Jonathan flew in yesterday and Charlie & Amanda have been helping with the arrangments.

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