Wednesday, April 21, 2010

busy weeks ahead...

Friday afternoon, I'm leaving for Woodstock, GA to see Beth Moore with some friends and returning Saturday night.  Sunday is always church and home group after.

Next weekend a couple of us may be going to the Bodies exhibit in Atlanta.  There are about 6 of us that want to go but i don't know if we'll be able to get our schedules all together at the same time.  I wouldn't mind going more than once because it looks really cool.  I had heard a few months ago that it was going to end in May 2010, but I called and they said they had been extended to June 2012.  Surely by then we can all get together and go!

The next weekend... Mother's Day weekend.  My parents are going camping and I will be looking after Da for at least Saturday but probably Sunday as well.  The picture is of their "camper" trailer.  Dad converted a cargo trailer into a camper and it's really cool.  They have enough room for a queen size bed and storage for their stuff without having to "pack" everything.  He even added the window.  Mom made the lettering with her Cricut. I think that will be my gift to my Mom :)  A weekend away from life...

The next 2 weekends are empty so far.... shhhh don't tell anyone :)

May 23rd - 27th we will be here: Escapes to the Shores

I. can. not. wait!

And finally... the last weekend of May is my youngest cousin's high school graduation!

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