Thursday, April 15, 2010

really people?

So I ran to winn dixie (in and out in about 15 mins) for some mushrooms to go with our hamburger steaks tonight and saw some of THE strangest looking people! I wanted sooooo badly to take pictures but it would have involved some close-up face shots and I decided I'd rather get home and cook dinner than spend the night in the hospital.

- a white woman with a beard... ok more of a goatee but seriously!  she could have been in the circus.  Maybe she's a leftover "carnie" from the chocolate festival last week.

- a man with veeeeerrrrry short shorts (maybe he came from the gym but I doubt it)

- several barefoot children... walking around and mostly unsupervised.

Please check out People Of Walmart too.  If I ever see these people at wally world... it's on!

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