Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 years!

I don't think I've changed that much :)

10 years ago I thought I knew exactly where and who I would be right now. *insert belly laugh*. I'm actually not that far off the mark. 

From what I remember, my goals and idea of the future were:
Graduate college (done :)
Get married (done :)
Stay married (so far so good :)
Have at least one child (not yet)
Live in a home that fits my life (kind of)
Have a ton of savings (not so much, but working on it)
Stay super close with ALL of my friends (LOL - nearly impossible)

I really didn't expect to grow as much as I have over the last 10 years... I guess I thought that I was already done growing :) Looking back, I see that the goals I remember having from 10 years ago are so skewed... I wanted "The American Dream"... get. get. get. I had no idea all of the giving opportunities I would have over the years. I have been so fortunate and blessed to be able to give my time and money to several charities and causes. I have remained involved in church and still strive to keep God first in my life (more so in the last 3 years than before). Where the things listed above were a major focus in my life 10 years ago, now they are more suggestions or perks. I know now what really matters to me... God and family (this includes the friends that have become my family).

Me, Jennifer Freeman Whiddon, Emily Barnes Harris, & Rachel Gossett Bone
Steve & Emily Harris
Andy & Jennifer Whiddon
Joseph & Rachel Bone

Me and Hope Thomas Reese
Our senior Year Book - I still love it :)

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