Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blah De Blah

I spent most of the day yesterday with D's family. His mom and aunt told me I was "beautiful" at least 20 times. I just don't see it. I am sure they were being sincere but part of me thinks: Are they just being nice b/c they know I have issues with weight?

I hung out with Rachel and Katie last night for a couple of hours. Katie is really sweet and I would like to get to know her better.

We are officially joining Harvestfield today!! I am excited about having a church and next week we will start the home group. Hopefully we will enjoy the people. I worry more about D liking everyone than me. And it'll be on Sunday afternoons and he will want to watch NFL instead. Is it just a priority thing? 1. Football/TV, 2. Games, 3. Life? I don't get it but I love him.

We went to our first church function at HFC tonight (Fall Fest). It was fun but we felt kind of out of place because we don't have kids. Tracy, Chris and Abe (13 months) were there and that made me feel better b/c Abe couldn't really participate in the games yet. There was tons of chili and we entered a pot. YUM. Tracy introduced me to the people in our small group. They all seem nice. I just told D about the home group - oops! I didn't realize I hadn't yet. He seemed receptive.

I always felt like I "found myself" in college but I'm seeing new things everyday that I didn't know...
  1. I LOVE new journals and calendars because of all the amazing and unexpected things that will fill them up! I'm learning to live and enjoy each day as a gift and not wish them away.
  2. I've changed. The me that I "found" back then is different. My thoughts, emotions, experiences, confidence, reactions... everything. I desire so much more out of life.
  3. I expect more of myself and others because I feel I have settled in many areas of my life before and I can't anymore!
  4. My family is something to be cherished and not taken for granted.
  5. I want to do more than just work and come home. I want to help people outside of work, outside of myself.
  6. I finally have good friends that I chose and they chose me. I may not have lots of them but the ones I have are very valuable.
  7. Even after 4 (almost) years of marriage and a total of 9 years together, D can still surprise me, read my mind, and give me butterflies.

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