Friday, February 20, 2009

More updates...

I just realized that I missed the anniversary of my uncle's death. I wanted to get Mom, Aunt L, Aunt C and H and E (his kids) a card or something but I didn't :( My grandfather has not been dealing with all of this very well either.

BFF is still dealing with infertility - new meds - "femera" with very high expectations from OBGYN for this one.

My friends - Rachel, Katie, and Lexie started a new business that you will hear lots and lots about in following posts... Paint The Town.

Work is going well but our caseload is LOW. The economy sucks and people are avoiding Dr.'s and co-pays.

We *might* (fingers crossed) be renting a house very soon! Still waiting on word if it is availiable... should know by tuesday but that's an eternity from now! If so, we will move in on March 1st. I'm sooooo excited and so is D. I think mom is sad :(

Weight loss is going well! Right now I'm 6 lbs away from a mini-goal... 20 lbs less than October! I'm signing up for a 5k in March! Whow would have thought: me + 5k = good match? (cross out good match and add "chickened out!")

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