Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can't Sleep

It's late and I can't sleep. Prayer always helps my mind settle but I haven't been writing them down like I want to.

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your Glory, Mercy and Grace! Thank you for our church and church family. We praise you for your constant presence and provision in our lives. I ask forgiveness for sins of moodiness, gossip, addictions and selfishness. Thank you for my family and my husband. I pray that you continue to bless us and our marriage and that you strongly convict our sins against you. I pray that we strive each day to live Just As Jesus lived. I pray that you continue to reveal your kingdom and show us what we can do through you. Forgive us where we have failed to recognize or act on your will and the opportunities you have laid out for us. I pray that you reveal yourself to *shall remain nameless on this blog* and give ** the desire to seek you. I know that ** claims to not believe but I know you are bigger than that! I pray that you comfort *** and take away the desire for alcohol.
I pray for safety and health for Shannon, Scott, and soon to be new baby Jones. I ask that you pour out your blessings on their family. I also ask that you take care of **** and **** as they try to conceive this week. Place your creating hand on them and reveal your will and plan for the days ahead. Give them strength and courage to continue and give the baby "sticky feet". Thank you for being a kind and merciful God. You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song!


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