Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday was Easter. We slept in till 11 - pretty nice :) We spent from 1 - 6 at his Mom's with most of the family including Jonathan and then to my Mom and Dad's till 10. Long Long Long day! but fun! We played Continental Gin with Mom. The last time I played was with Nana (my grandmother) on Easter weekend at the beach before she died in 2007. Oh how I miss her! This game has been passed down through my mothers family for years. I love it... I should really write the rules to it. I searched online but they don't play it like we do.

We called Da (my grandfather) to wish him a happy Easter. He had lunch with my aunt Lisa and her husband's family. They are so good to him!

Mom gave me the sweetest salt and pepper shakers (scriptureware) - "salt your offerings" and "season your words"

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