Thursday, June 4, 2009


Not too much going on right now to write about. Dustin's still applying for jobs and wishing they would call or at least give him the reasons for not hiring him. My work has been... BUSY. It's either feast or famine in this industry. I really do appreciate the work though. Our patients at the hospital this week are sooooo sick. It's sad. Some of them are improving and that's wonderful to see and then some of them, well... we just can't help them. Our kids at outpatient are doing well but have the summer fever and don't really want to be there... when it comes down to it... neither do I. This time of year I usually long for a school system job just for summers off. I couldn't handle it though. Big cut in pay, being stuck in one place all the time, and working without my friends.

Mom and Dad are in Melbourne, Florida for the week. Even though I don't see them daily when they are home, I miss them. I have enjoyed getting to talk to Mom A LOT while she's been off. We've talked at least 4 times a day :).

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  1. We are all definitely suited for our places of work! I tell people all the time I don't know what I would do if I had to work at a hospital or nursing home! Well, mostly nursing home. It makes me sad and nervous too. I must say you are talented to work w/both populations (children and adults). My brain can only function on one thing! haha Anyway, the school system does have it advantages, at least in my eyes. But I have also told people, don't work in the schools just for the holidays and benefits b/c you will be miserable if you don't like children! Ok, I will quit blabbing now. :)


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