Sunday, July 19, 2009


LOL at this pic :)
So as you have read I have a very dear friend who is dealing with being not so fertile.

I'd like to share some things about being the friend of someone who is dealing with this.
  1. You want more than anything to fix it for them!
  2. You also want to punch people in the face - HARD - "when are you going to have one?????????" "I'm not too excited about being pregnant!!" "My kid drives me crazy when he/she does ______"
  3. Her life is consumed by it and I hurt for her. (Not that she shouldn't be consumed but she feels like a bad friend for thinking/talking about it)
  4. She should not feel bad. EVER. She is my friend and I love that I can be there for her when she needs an open ear or a dry shoulder.
  5. I'm afraid to be excited about pregnancy symptoms she may have because I hate to see her crushed.
On the up side... She's been referred to ART (assisted reproductive technologies?) in Bham. (See Prayers)
She was scared, worried, nervous, excited... check all of the above box here.
Things she learned...
  1. They told her to split her bromacriptine (sp?) in half and take BID to avoid peaks and valleys
  2. They started her on daily injections
  3. They discussed IUI for later
  4. They ordered an MRI of her brain to check for a pituitary tumor - ALL CLEAR!!!
  5. New blood work was done - NORMAL
  6. Gave her great hope!!
  7. Didn't make her husband re-do any of his tests!!!

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