Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Weekend... whew!

What a busy weekend!! I loved it and wouldn't have it any other way! Friday night, I went to Paint The Town... Surprise!! I didn't paint though. Everyone did a great job... well almost everyone :) but EVERYONE had fun! It was a tough painting and Katie really did a great job teaching it...
Saturday afternoon, I took my niece Lexy to her first Paint The Town Kids Class (Hootie). She had a great time and is already asking when she can do it again! She did a great job on her painting.

Saturday night we went to Southside City Fest. Lots of music and food and fun with family :)

Today, a friend of mine went to church with me this morning. Later this afternoon, I went to our small group for the first time in awhile. We haven't met lately with all of our crazy schedules. Dustin worked at the tanning beds changing all the bulbs with his step-dad.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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