Thursday, July 9, 2009


I love to be able to feel and see our prayers being answered! And on the same day!!!

Dustin has an interview today at Etowah Builders Supply for a sales job. It's not "the perfect" job but it sounds like a good opportunity and something he could really be good at. New people aren't really his favorite thing in the world but he manages. He was telling me last night that when he worked at Sam's Club in the tire department a couple of years ago, he had several people tell him he was a good salesman and that he had sold them on a particular product or tire. I think it will be good just to be exposed to meeting new people- he'll get used to it. He hated painting before he started working at the tanning bed and painted every. single. wall. - inside and out :) Now he loves painting!

My dear friend dealing with infertlity has had a very tough week and I have lifted her up in prayer everyday. Goodness knows she needs it. On Tuesday, She called her obgyn for a clomid refill. The office said she needed to take a month off...and oh, the way your Dr. is moving to a new state this month. They referred her to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). It takes a while to get in so she called after she got off the phone with the Dr's office and low and behold they have an appointment Thursday! In her email she said... "i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has his hand all over this situation. I'm just along for the ride." This is so true.

Please take a moment today and pray for these situations. God is working here and we need to recognize that we are just along for the ride...

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  1. Hurray for answered prayers!!! And hugs to your friend. It became extremely clear to us that God had his hands on our infertility as well. But our message was a clear "stop. breathe. your kids are waiting for you somewhere else."


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