Sunday, November 22, 2009

Call the humane society...

So this morning started off pretty normal. Sleep in, get ready for church leisurely, arrive about 25 minutes late but there in time for a couple of songs and the sermon which was great! We are in week 3 of a marriage series. Eric did (as always) a great job of reminding us that we must "choose to love each other". "Happy" should fall into place when everything else is done within God's will. Take divorce off the table. Reassure each other that you will never divorce and it is not an option. Will trouble come? surely as I breathe. Does God want you to do everything in your (and His) power to stay together? absolutely!

Small group was good too. 3 out of the 4 families were there. We've been talking about Acts . (Click on "Acts" for the lesson). I feel like we need more people in our home group. I would really love to see us grow. It seems like everyone I've invited is excited and then never shows up :(. If you are reading this and want to try it out send me an email.

After home group it was time for some grocery shopping while D watched football. I was talking to my friend Allen on my way to walmart and he said he would come shopping with me since he needed to as well. D, Allen, and I spend a lot of time together and have a good friendship. We ran into about 10 friends from church and neighbors who looked at him like "i don't think you're her husband". It was pretty funny.

As D and I were putting groceries away, the doorbell rang. It was our older neighbor. Her eyes and nose were red and teary. She asked if she could come in and talk to us. Weird. So she starts in with.... "you know, Donald and I really love Bronco and Donald just loves to play with her." I'm thinking.... she's about to tell us something crazy that Bronco does while we're at work that is driving them crazy and we should get rid of him. So she tears up again and says "she's just been laying out there under that tree staring into our kitchen window all day with those puppy dog eyes in the cold, rainy weather". HEY LADY.... He's a DOG! and he's a MOUNTAIN dog. He LOVES this weather. Oh and PS... Bronco is a boy!

Then she says, "We want to buy 'her' from you. Our starting offer is $200. I'm sure she's getting pretty expensive now to feed." blah blah blah... She went on and on even with me telling her "we don't want to sell him. we love him" over and over again.

So after she left, we felt guilty and let the poor baby in for awhile.

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