Monday, February 1, 2010

My Weekend... WILD


Work. Pam & Vic's for dinner with the kids. Paint The Town. Home.
Work was decent for a Friday.

Pam & Vic's with the kids was fantastic as always!  I love those sweet babies (even if they are 9 and almost 5... they're still my babies)!!  The kids were sweet and lovey and I forgot how much I had missed them over the last few weeks.

Paint The Town was WILD.  I have not seen a group that wild in quite some time.  Lexie was doing her very best to teach "DaisyMae". People were singing so loudly that she finally shrugged and said "Ok, I guess we're singing now!"  It was so much fun.  I have not gone to hang out with the girls at PTT in almost 2 months for one reason or another and I'm so glad I did.
I am so proud of the girls.  It has been a rough year for everyone but they are really making this business super successful!


Woke up later than I wanted and didn't get to go work out. Tried to go to lunch with Rachel and got stood up :)  but she more than made it up to me!  I went to The Alabama Gift Company for coffee and conversation and then helped host and work a kid's birthday party.  They painted Hootie. The kids ranged in ages from 5 - 12.  They were such a sweet bunch of kids.  My favorite kid was a little boy with Aspbergers and this was his painting...
He had such an eye for parts of whole... "that bird is just 2 circles, a rectangle, and a triangle for the beak."

Saturday night after the party, Rachel, Katie and I went to El Tap for dinner and a couple of margaritas with Jsho and Nicole.  We had such a great time and wished that we could all get together more often.  After El Tap, we went to Katie's for awhile to help Jsho make some baby shower invites for a friend of hers.  Several of us received disturbing phone calls that turned our happy girls night into a cry fest.  I was so thankful to have a group of girls that I love dearly to cry and laugh with.

Sunday morning, I went to church and then we went to lunch with our small group at Top of The River.  After lunch, we went to mom and dad's house to help them move Da's stuff back to Bessemer.  The short explanation: it just didn't work out.  We quickly moved and reorganized his stuff and headed home.  Sushi for dinner on Mom & Dad :) and then home... finally.

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