Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work lately...

Hmmm. Work is never boring and I don't always remember to blog about it.  Here's a few funnies/weirdos....

  • When asked for length of pregnancy a mom answered 19.5 inches (unfortunately this is a common answer).  When asked again, she stated... "I got pregnant on april fools day and then he was due on christmas day and then he was due on the 31st but i didn't have him till the 7th) - the kid is 6.
  • The same kid referenced above was also observed licking the front desk counter.
  • R and I did disability evals on a set of twins yesterday.  Their parents REAKED of patchouli and everyone that came in asked what that horrible smell was.
  • I could still smell it this morning.
  • I totally busted someone (who will remain nameless) taking a full on midday nap with blanket and everything.... for the record, it was not a hospital employee but this person was "at work" ;)

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