Friday, March 19, 2010

catch up...

  • D's phone interview went well... they just wanted to verify his resume and confirm his interest in the job. The next step is to wait.... we're getting pretty good at that!
  • Da is home from the hospital and getting home health. He is still incredibly weak and doesn't really realize it.  He was on an IV in the hospital that made him retain fluids (he gained 30 lbs in about a week).  Now that he's off of the IV, the fluids are being released.  Mom has been getting up at all hours of the night to empty his urinal so that he doesn't try to get up and then fall.  Mom is back at work this weekend and Dad is taking care of him during the day. I will be going over there tomorrow to give Dad a chance to go fishing in this beautiful weather.
  • D's truck (2001) died... for good.  We will most likely be buying my Dad's company truck when the lease is up pretty soon. Until then, we are borrowing Mom's truck or Dad's giant jeep. We are quick to give God the credit for this provision!  When he told me his truck was dead, my first thought was "Thanks God! I can't wait to see how you are going to work in this!"
  • I am SO behind in my Living Beyond Yourself study!  UGH!
  • Our church has revamped their website (Harvestfield Church) and started a podcast on Itunes! I am so excited... now I can have something new to distract me while I'm working out!

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