Friday, March 19, 2010


Me? What? No!

I admit... I'm wordy.  I'm working on this swallowing newsletter to educate our staff about what we do and to increase awareness/compliance about swallowing problems.... [looking into space] maybe I should make a ribbon or one of those plastic/silicone bracelet things... um no.

So my problem is... I have a lot to say and I truly feel that every word is important... BUT... these nurses are busy... and most probably think they know everything they need to know... and they also probably feel like they can't fit one more thing in their head or it will explode... I know this feeling!  Hospitals are constantly throwing "new" or "revised" stuff at you.

My goal for this newsletter is somewhat of an outlet to voice our preferences and to make our nurses jobs easier.  I promise it would be easier to make sure your patient's tray is correct {before they drink all of their unapproved liquids that somehow snuck on there} than it would be to treat their pneumonia for the next couple of weeks and then again when they come back because they "still don't feel right".

We have done our best to educate the dietary department to prevent unapproved items from making it to the rooms {and they were very receptive} but things happen... people make mistakes and family members ignore our warnings.  We need the nurses on our side to keep these patients healthy and safe!

LOL... with ALL that said... now I've got to condense everything I want to say into one tiny page that probably won't even make it to the bulletin board... any suggestions???


  1. you know i was born to edit.... I'll get on it in a little bit ;)

  2. I am so jealous of your gorgeous blog! You must teach me how to beautify mine! Sorry I have ADD, I think whatever you say is good! lol


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