Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Da and the peppers

I can't believe I forgot to tell this story!

**Not for the weak stomached**

Last week, I met Mom & Da at the Courtyard for lunch.  Da loves peppers and all things hot.  He was very ancy about the fact that there was no tabasco, pepper sauce, or ketchup on the table even with constant reassurance that our server would bring it to him... which she did quickly.  We ate. Mom & I talked.  Da was enjoying the food.  And then it happened.... for some unknown reason, Da removed the cap off the pepper sauce and proceeded to stick his fork into it digging for a pepper in that jumpy, nervous way he does everything.  I was horrified.  Mom of course remained calm and realized that he had already ruined it... why stop him.  As the server was clearing our table, we made it very clear that the pepper sauce needed to be thrown away.

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  1. Eww - I may never use condiments at a restaurant again!!!!!


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