Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All Aboard...

Welcome to my roller coaster :) Please keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

The following occurred between 2 & 5pm.

Dustin had an interview at sears in the tire and battery department. He was interviewed by a guy that mom used to work with (Brian). He asked D if he would like to work as a salesman in the electronics department.... Of course!! He will take his drug test in the morning and then wait on word of when to start. He also found out he will be trained by mom's friend's son (Eric). We are both so excited and know that God is all over this!! So come on down to Sears for all your electronics needs... after he's trained and only during his work hours please :)

After that, I got a call from D's cousin and aunt. His biological father, Chuck, passed away. I don't really know where to start with Chuck. He was... among many things... absent. He passed away on Saturday. He lived in Florida. It took the medical examiner several days to find his immediate family. D & his brothers are legally the next of kin. They all wrote and faxed letters to the medical examiner stating that they relinquish their rights to Chuck's mother & sisters in order to have his body transported to Gadsden. I have several concerns about Chuck's passing. My biggest concern is what kind of legal responsibilites will we have in regards to his estate/debts/etc...

This picture is too funny and close to home today.

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  1. AWESOME about the job!!!!
    I am so sorry for Dustin's loss.

    I will be praying on both counts!!!!!


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