Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Da and the questions

Approximation of Conversation today between Da & my Mom:
Da - I don't want that girl back here again!
Mom - What girl?
The girl who asks me all those stupid questions like I'm an idiot!
Lea? She asks you those questions to make sure you're brain is ok and you haven't had a stroke or something.
I'm fine...
She knows that but she has to ask you.
Well why does she ask me?
"Because you're 84.
That's not funny..." (direct quote - to which I literally LOL'd)
Later after some deep thinking...
I guess she can come back. She's a sweet girl. I just don't want to answer those questions anymore.

and mom takes a deep sigh of relief :)

He's doing really well with PT. He's getting stronger by the day and now beginning to roam around the house.  He declared to my mom that he found her bedroom today.  Whew... we wondered where we put it!  

Spending more time with him and trying to see him through God's eyes has really changed my feelings toward him.  My mom has a great way of re-telling stories about him that is more endearing than aggravating and I am so thankful for that.  We've never had a bad relationship... just a fairly shallow one to this point.  I also have to remember to see him as who he is now (scared & confused sometimes) and not who he used to be (we won't go there).... just as I wouldn't want to be judged for who I used to be.

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