Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Week & This Week...

Here's a recap for those of you who missed it...

1. DUSTIN GOT A JOB!... Check out "All Aboard" & "Celebrate" for more information

2. Dustin's biological father, Chuck, passed away...Check out "All Aboard" for more information

3. I've been couponing and getting some great deals

4. I am 3 months smoke free!

5. I started a weight loss blog/moved an old blog of mine to blogger... New & Improved

Stuff going on this week...

1. Da is in the hospital again with shortness of breath/COPD exacerbation

2. Jonathan is still in town from the funeral and D is so excited about spending some quality time with him today.

3. My mom & dad's cat may have a broken back :(

4. I'm going to Healthsouth tomorrow to start some PRN work.

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