Sunday, May 23, 2010

Goodbye pity party...

I'm not...
  • at the beach
  • getting my money back
  • happy about it...
BUT - I am...
  • right where God wants me to be - that is blatantly obvious!
  • spending precious time with my Da
  • off for a week anyway
  • giving my mom and aunt a little bit of a much deserved break doing night shift at the hospital
  • getting to spend some quality time with Dustin as he only works Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday this week
  • thankful for my friends and family that worked so hard to help me sell my "vacation" and for my friend that took me shopping today to help me get out of the inevitable funk of disappointment - which totally worked :)
  • ready for the next opportunity to use my 2 brand spankin new beach chairs :)


  1. I am not at the beach with you. But I am thankful like you that we are where God has put us, doing what He has given us to do. I am proud of my beautiful daughter who is developing such wisdom.


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