Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baker's rack...

Our house is small... ok... tiny. There's no room for a pantry and definitely no room in the cabinets for our food.  We got a cheap, particle board 5 shelf bookshelf when we moved it. After a year, it was nearly falling apart and leaning. I looked at it as long as I could stand it and finally broke down and bought a baker's rack! I looooove it! It looks so good in the space and is much bigger than the bookshelf was. It's also so much more open and airy which is very helpful in such a small space :)

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  1. We keep a bookcase in our's definitely needed to add to the kitchen space! So far it is holding up...which is good.

    We have no wall space for a bakers rack...oh well.

    My daughter's former EI SLP was awesome...named Ashley. :) She is doing great now and overcoming apraxia at age 3 1/2. :)


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