Friday, June 4, 2010

Life lately...

... has not included blogging but has been very busy all the same.

Da is home from the hospital. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words. He's slowly getting his strength back which is good but scary. The other day, he told mom that "that book fell in the floor in there" gesturing toward the bathroom (much further than we thought he could do independently considering he couldn't even stand up by himself 2 days before!). Mom looked in and found a book in the floor that had been sitting on the back of the toilet. Mom decided to hire a sitter since we all work full time jobs. One of the techs (Amber) we had in the hospital was a sweetheart and really connected with him. She started yesterday and Mom was able to run some errands and spend time with her sister.  When they got back to the house, Da told them he knew what they were doing and didn't want Amber to come back because he didn't need a sitter. He'll warm up to it. He really just wants company and someone to talk to/entertain him.

I'm back at work and thriving in a routine! I missed the kids and feel a renewed sense of commitment to them. [I've been feeling pretty burned out lately.]

(D, Reid, Me, Elizabeth)

My youngest cousin, Reid, graduated from high school last week and that makes me feel super old. [Our 10 year reunion is coming up in August.] I also got to spend a very little bit of time with my Aunt Cindy and cousin Elizabeth [Harrison was in London]. They came in from Plano, TX to see Reid graduate and spend some time with Da. It was so good to see them!
(Da & Reid)

My baby cousins are so grown!

D also had some family in from Texas...
Can you tell they're brothers?!

And... My nephew went for his school shots and check up and left with.... glasses :) His mom said she felt so bad because when he went outside with them on he said, "I can see everything and it's not fuzzy anymore!". 


  1. Glad you're back into a routine and things are settling down...will you be around july 4th weekend? Brian & I will be coming to town then, hoping we get to hang out a bit:) CONGRATS on not smoking 6 months..VERY proud of you!

  2. I should be around july 4th weekend. i think D is working :(. Can't wait to see yall!!


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