Friday, May 7, 2010


Mom and Dad are camping this weekend at Guntersville. Mom talked Da into riding up there this morning to see the campsite and Lake Guntersville.  The plan was to stay all day until I got off work and could meet Mom in Boaz to pick him up.  Unfortunately, he's been showing some signs of allergies and maybe a sinus infection and just didn't feel that well.  He stayed until around lunch and Mom brought him home.  

Da and I went to eat mexican after I got off work.  I asked lots of questions about my grandmother's family history.  He always lights up when he talks about my Nana and her family.  It pains me to see that look in his eyes... how much he misses her... how much I miss her!  Being around him more, I've noticed that he calls my mother Rozanne or when speaking to me, he  sometimes refers to "your Nana eerrr Mother, egads [crosses self and mumbles something else]"

When we got back to Mom's house, I pulled out my computer and turned on the TV for him.  He's found the music channels in the 800s... his favorite is Classic Country 831. He, of course, tells a story about each song/artist that pops up and reads aloud the 'fun facts' that scroll across the screen.  His usual questions are, "are they still around?" and "wonder how old they are?".  The internet = magic to him so I wiki the artist and give him a little synopsis. Then I pulled up youtube. O.M.G. He was like a kid with candy. It was precious. We watched Eddy Arnold (which he grew up with), Ernest Tubb, Stamps Quartet, and Red Foley.  Oh he was so happy. When my low battery alert popped up, he asked "What size batteries you reckon that thing takes?"  It was so sweet.  

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