Sunday, July 4, 2010

So much to say...

.... just not publicly. Dustin and I have been very busy lately with coordinating our work schedules, social lives and sporadic family emergencies that seem to be more frequent with an ailing grandfather and other random occurrences. Here's a synopsis of the past few weeks...
  • Dustin's mother took a pretty bad tumble the day before Father's Day/my birthday and broke her fibula, requiring corrective surgery with a plate and 12 screws.. .ouch. 
  • I had a birthday since my last post (the day after). Woo hoo! 28 feels the same as 27 :). Dustin had to work the weekend of my birthday/Father's Day so I spent Saturday afternoon with his family at his grandfather's house. I was able to spend all of Sunday with my family. It was so nice to just float around in the pool in the peace and quiet with my mom and dad.. talking only when we wanted to. My mom's sister was in town, visiting Da. We watched several hours of the home movies and reminisced, laughed and cried. It was fantastic! It's been a long time since I've spent my birthday with my family like that.
  • The next week yielded more work for both of us. Our department has been without a director for about 8 months... and while that is nice sometimes, it puts a strain on everyone to pull the weight. Our new director started June 21st. He seems like he will be a fair boss who will get things done. He comes from another CHS facility (the company that owns our hospital) in Houston, TX that is about a year ahead of us in technology ;). Sad. We still do everything on paper! I would LOVE to go all digital and never have to write another note. At least we dictate our evaluations (at the outpatient center.. not the acute care side - those are still written).
  • My friend with fertility issues is considering another route... prayers are welcome.
  • My aunt's precious mother-in-law passed away Friday after a relatively short battle with cancer. her funeral is Tuesday.
  • Someone we know is really struggling with alcoholism.... but I don't know if they know it is as bad as it appears from the outside. Their kids and spouse are suffering. The kids should NOT be allowed to witness what they have witnessed.... And that's all I'm going to say about that before I get myself in trouble. Just know that this family needs your prayers.

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