Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One of those weeks...

... and it's only Wednesday!  Had a rough couple of days at work so far. Dustin worked last night so lucky him got to avoid my wrath :). I went to put my phone on the charger because I got tired of it telling me there was less than 20% battery left, then less than 10%. It would NOT charge.... no matter what I did. It has done this a couple of times before but I have been able to get it to work with a few tricks courtesy of the internet. Not this time. I did everything that was recommended... even things that seemed stupid and irrational (flip the ringer on/off switch 4 times while holding the round button and plugging it in at the same time - I don't have enough hands for this!).

I was desperate. I even set up an apple rep to call me and give tech support... super efficient by the way. I didn't have to talk to anything automated or press 75 buttons to talk to a human. I put in my info and complaint online and they called me as soon as I hit enter... ready to help after verifying that I was me. Really cool! Especially since I usually wait until I'm in over my head and frustrated to tears before I call tech support about anything... and by that time I have the patience of an autistic 3 year old and can't talk calmly or rationally to the automated voice or the human that connects after 15 minutes.

They weren't super helpful for my problem though and suggested that I go to the nearest apple store... or send in my phone and wait 4-5 business days for a new one. Ummm right.... that's not going to happen. My whole life is on this phone! So I set up a "genius bar" appointment for 6:30... came home from work, picked up Dustin, and hit the road. We were in and out of the apple store in 25 minutes and then to PF CHANGS! Great dinner, then Barnes & Noble, now we're home and all is right with the world :)

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