Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're Moving!

Bye bye Whittier St...

Hello Mom & Dad's... again!

We've been interested in buying a house for a couple of months. We've looked at 2 (so far) but didn't really feel like they were what we wanted. God has really been nudging us out of this house for quite some time. We trust that He will provide a home for us. In the meantime, we plan on living with my parents for a couple of months. We'll be able to save an extra $1000 month just getting rid of our rent and utilities. This is such a blessing for us as we really want to be stable and comfortable when we find the right house and we don't want to settle. We understand we will need to compromise on something unless we build (which won't happen), but we do have some deal-breakers. We are so blessed to have parents who love and support us. 


  1. Yea for Mama Dana and Daddy Jim!! :)

  2. they say they are very excited :)

  3. of course they are excited. i am too. if you like it, i love it. always! congratulations on making wise decisions. we should all be a little more like ya'll in that sense.


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