Sunday, October 10, 2010


So my weekend in Bessemer was pretty uneventful.

Da is having a very hard time breathing due to COPD.
He is convinced that NyQuil is the cure.
He doses in and out throughout the day and then doesn't understand why he can't sleep at night.
He has no concept of the passage of time.
He thinks that my phone is "that magic light".
He says I have "magic eyes" because I don't turn on a lamp to read.
He is very grateful for help even if he protests the whole time you're trying to help him.
He tells you he's hungry by asking if you are hungry.
He really can't take care of himself but likes to think that he can.
In the (not so distant) past, I felt it was my duty to make him realize that he was dependent on us... I guess so that he would appreciate everything we do for him and be more cooperative with us.
I've recently been more and more convicted about my attitude toward him and against him.
I realize now... that it is better for me to let him believe that he is as independent as he thinks he is.
I realize now... that by serving him in a respectful way, I am honoring God and manifesting His love.
I realize now... that God has been working on me and softening my heart to Da for a long time... every now and then I harden it again... I'm a work in progress.

And finally, my walk with Monroe went something like this...

Except he was sitting the entire time.

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  1. I needed that because I can identify 100% with that! I will lift you and your Da up, my sister in Christ.


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