Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great day!

So far it's been a great day and I've only been up for 3 hours :). I was really productive last night getting laundry done and our room straightened up... believe me.. it's a challenge! It's hard to keep things straight and clean when I work days and D works nights... the Navy calls it "hot bedding". I get in.. he gets out... he gets in... I get out. You get the picture.

So this morning I got up (as D was getting in). It is a BEAUTIFUL day! Dad helped me take Bronco to Petco to get a much needed bath. Then we got breakfast together :). I love time with my Dad. I went to the bank and dropped off more financial information for our mortgage and got a feel for what to expect at closing and monthly. Then I opened a second savings account to keep our emergency money and our home renovation money separated.

Later tonight, Dad and I will be going to Classic on Noble in Anniston for a Valentine's party with his sunday school class. Mom and Dustin have to work so we'll be each other's date :)

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