Wednesday, April 13, 2011

House Update

We have been working as much as possible on the house. Whew there is a lot of painting to do! The nursery is beautiful so far. I can't wait to get his furniture and everything in there and all set up!!! I really think I could sleep on an air mattress with all my clothes in a suitcase... as long as the nursery is set up and perfect, I'm happy. It's weird how my priorities have started changing :)

Last week, D and my Dad fixed a huge water spot (the leak had already been fixed years ago) in the living room. They did such a great job! Mom, Dad, and I worked at the house all weekend. Dad painted the master bedroom ceiling (several times - primer x2 then ceiling white) and the living room ceiling (several times to cover the clouds!).
There was a lot of sanding while fixing the ceiling!
Mom and I finished painting the nursery - Green Monsoon from Valspar. I really like the Valspar paint. It is super thick and has great coverage! Dad also installed the light fixture in the nursery... twice. He installed the light assembly and then we realized that the shade was dented in a very obvious place on the opposite side of the seam so we took it back and made sure that the new one was perfect before we bought it. Dad was sweet enough to install it again. It was much easier the second time!
D has stayed on night shift on his off nights to work on the house. Monday night, he painted the trim in the master bedroom and cut in the living room paint. Last night, finished the living room wall color and I can't wait to see it!

Projects Completed:
Prime and paint living room
Prime and paint nursery
Prime master bedroom (MBR)
Prime and paint MBR ceiling
Prime and paint MBR crown molding
Patch water spot - living room ceiling
Prime living room ceiling
Estimate on windows

Projects To Be Completed (before we move in):
Paint living room ceiling
Paint MBR
Remove attic fan
Patch ceiling (attic fan)
Carpet basement?$

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