Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Because I can..

My friend Rachel is an amazing mom and such an inspiration for me. I'm sure it helps that she has the sweetest little boy ever. I was honored to see this beautiful boy a lot this weekend. 

On Saturday, we headed to Birmingham for a shower to celebrate with her high school friends. He was so good. He slept the entire way there. He was playful, sweet, and so flirty with all the girls. He is so funny with women! She's going to have a heartbreaker! On the way home he was a little fussy but only because he had a dirty diaper.

On Sunday, D and I were able to attend his baptism (dedication) ceremony. It was so sweet. When the pastor asked for everyone who had prayed for baby David to stand (and nearly everyone in the church stood)... I cried. The journey that Rachel and Daniel have traveled to have God place David with them is so overwhelming to me. 3 years, they prayed and cried, and dreamed, and cried some more, and then prayed some more. They knew that God was preparing them for something huge. They have an amazing dedication and faith in God's plan and God's timing.

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