Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend has been just short of terrible.

Our AC broke Saturday.[We had it fixed on Tuesday. Thankful it was a cheap and easy fix! Thankful for my parents who gladly opened their home to us for the weekend so we didn't have to pay extra for holiday labor.]

We had lots and lots of rain (7 inches in 2 days) so the laundry room and garage flooded(ish). [Thank goodness for built in drains]

The "bar tap" water filter under the kitchen sink broke loose and flooded the kitchen, which has hardwood floors. [Thankful the kitchen is located over the garage and not the finished part of the basement.]

I busted my tail in my parents garage Monday night. [So thankful I wasn't holding Hudson.]

The electric dog fence has not worked since we had trees cut Friday... we got a call Tuesday morning that Bronco had been on the country club golf course all morning (which is across Rainbow Drive from our house). [Thankful he was found and safe.]

Dustin and I were so looking forward to spending the weekend together, working on home projects and playing with Hudson. It didn't happen that way and was very disappointing. We really tried hard to see the positives. 

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