Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We've rented a house on Whittier Street and it is awesome! 2 BR 1 BA but perfect for us... it was even painted the right colors! Rain threatened a delay in the moving but we made it. I love it!! We've decided to not get cable... gasp! I know. I love the silence so far!

I have been asked to speak at 1st Wednesday at church about Encounter God weekend. God started preparing me for this the moment I left that Saturday. I knew that someone would ask me to speak about it but I wasn't sure where or when. I'm so nervous about standing in front of everyone but I know that God will use me and that is very exciting!!

This is what I've prepared so far :

When I first heard about Encounter God Weekend, I knew I wanted to do it but I was very nervous. Thankfully 2 of my home group ladies were able to tell me what to expect. They told me I would hear a few people talk about different areas of sin and then have the opportunity to confess my sins *confidentially* to an assigned partner. I was so nervous about the whole thing until I met B. She introduced herself and I immediately felt at ease.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned at Encounter is how to forgive. I knew that I was never particularly strong in this area but I didn't realize how weak I was. I have been known to hold grudges big and small. (ask my husband) And then I heard "Forgiveness is not OPTIONAL!" I also learned that trust is not a building block of forgiveness but a result. In the past, I would "wait" until I felt I could trust someone before I forgave their actions. But that often led to long harbored feelings of bitterness and resentment. Forgive first, then work on building the trust.

This weekend encouraged me to think deeply about strongholds of sin in my life. It was a good reminder that strongholds are referred to both positively and negatively throughout the Bible. Just as sin can enter your life and be allowed to take over, Jesus can too. Let the Lord be your refuge and a stronghold in your life.

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