Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's Preachin :)

  • How does God want to use my life to reveal His kingdom? - this is what we should ask every day.. every minute.
  • "Kathos" - "JUST AS" Jesus walked - 1 John 2:6
  • Peripheral - seeing the things and people around you - not focusing on the straight ahead
  • Jesus was interruptable - he did not have tunnel vision
  • God's agenda is generally not our main goal - we have to be interruptable to see God's opportunities to share and further His kingdom.
  • Not WWJD? but What DID Jesus do?
  • Luke 18:35 - 43 - On the way to the cross
  • Mark 5:24 - 34 - On his way to save a man's daughter
  • Luke 19:1 - 7 - Going to the cross , looked for the unusual
Lord, help me see You working around me. If I can't discern You right in front of me, empower me to look to my periphery. Just as You showed Jesus everything You were doing around him, help me to see what Jesus is doing around me. (John 5:20)

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