Saturday, February 21, 2009

Encounter God... Day 2

Read Gal. 5:19 - 21 (The Message)

Dear God,
I understand that through this encounter and my prayers, I am to repent and turn away but my sinful nature pulls me back. I pray that my eyes and ears are open to all areas of temptation and that I will be more aware and convicted by these things.

I was able to share the "sin inventory" last night with D. I don't know if he will ask forgiveness for his offenses to me and to You but I pray that it raised his awareness and curiosity. I worry about his relationship with You and I want him to receive the fullness that You offer.

I fear persecution from others for trying to follow You. I hesitate or make excuses for why I am the way I am. Please cleanse me of this fear so that I would be able to openly share Your Glory...


Beauty for Ashes - I need to look this song up...

Forgiveness is NOT optional. God tells us when to forgive... not IF we should. We must first forgive before we can "build trust" - They are not one in the same. I must forgive myself. I must remember that Christ died for people who hurt me too.

Heavenly Father,
I choose to forgive myself for the offense of self-hatred, this made me feel hatred for others, lonely, fear, angry, broken, hardened. I have allowed Satan to let me feel like a horrible person, unworthy of true love, unconditional love that Christ offers...

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