Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Preachin' :)

Today's sermon was about prayer (still in the Kathos series). I am horrible at prayer! Wednesday night, some friends gathered to pray over another friend going through some stuff. Her other friend's prayers were so beautiful and insightful and bold and well everything good about prayer... Mine was... simple and felt insufficient.

We had small group at our house today and I LOVE having a place to entertain. I also LOVE my group - that we can feel so comfortable with them.

Missional Living: Friday on our way to dinner (see Kathos again) - we saw an older man with a very very flat tire at the entrance to our neighborhood. I wanted to stop and help but Dustin said we would offend him by implying that he was too old to do it himself. We went on to dinner. As we were pulling back in to the neighborhood, someone had just arrived to pick him up and the truck stayed there for another 24 hrs. - We should have stopped. We should have been interruptable!

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