Friday, May 15, 2009

Paint The Town

My friends started a painting class a couple of months back and it is doing so great! I am so very proud of them!! I have made it to almost every class whether I painted or not. I LOVE IT! It is such a great break from the week and something I always look forward to. I'm so proud of you girls and so thankful for the entertainment :)

Check out their site at: Paint The Town Gadsden

here are my paintings:

Blue Dandelions.... (so this isn't my painting.. it's the one of their website because I gave mine to my brother-in-law and have no pictures of it...)

Easter Egg Cross... (gave to my niece for Easter)
Pretty Pears...

Come Monday... (gave to my mother-in-law for her tanning salon)

Nestled... (my favorite so far)

Thanks for reading...


  1. I love going to ptt. My sis and a good friend of ours went and we painted "nestled". We had a blast!! We were wanting to go back on May 29th but the class is full.

  2. go ahead and sign up for the waiting list.. they may open another class for it if they have enough :)

  3. I SO can't wait to do Paint the Town! I was supposed to do the Easter Cross but we had to cancel because my mother was in the hospital.

    Anyway, I also saw you did cake decorating classes. I SO want to do those as well. I almost signed up for this month, but I decided it wasn't a good time right now. I can't wait.

    It sounds like we have A LOT in common! Your weight loss blog sounds so much like me. It was definitely an encouragement! I tried WW and loved it, but I didn't get very far from the weight I was when I started and pretty much still am today. Of course, I could use the excuse that Mom was in the hospital the whole time I was doing WW, but I can always come up with excuses! Maybe we can encourage each other.

    Which gym do you go to? We are members of Absolute Fitness and I would love to do a spinning class, but I'm such a chicken!

    See you Wednesday if not Sunday at hfc!

    Have a great week,

  4. you really should do both (cake decorating & ptt). i loved the cake decorating class... i highly recommend it and do it with a friend. paint the town is fun even if you come alone :) chances are that you'll know someone there.

    i am so glad that the weight loss blog encouraged you. remember that it is a LONG journey and you just have to keep doing what works. i go to fitness plus because i work at "the rehab center" which is actually attached to fitness plus. i haven't been in... well too long. i was scared to do spinning as well but i really love it!


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