Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Today I am feeling incredibly thankful for...

  • God's love, mercy, and guidance
  • My church and church family
  • Answered prayers (you know, they are all answered... just not always the way we think they should be... somtimes God says "no" - gasp.)
  • My Husband (I'm going to miss you this weekend :(
  • My family (all of them... even the crazies - you know who you are- or do you? :)
    My friends
  • Sound mind and body (please don't ever take my keys away... just let me circle the parking lot if that's all I can do!)
  • New curling mousse I got the other day... tried it this morning and really really like it :)
  • The internet and this opportunity to let others see a part of me that I'm not very good at showing in person.


  1. i like this post becaus now and daysd people take too many things for granted and never thank the person or persons i like this one

    comment back please

  2. oooh what kind of curling mousse is it? I have only found one good curling creme and it's by Bed Head... just wondering what you found.


  3. Curly Sexy Hair... you spray it on your hair (not hands) and then scrunch.. it's held me through the day :)


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